Skhateyou&Ekta collabo

17 maggio 2012

This is the commercial for new Ekta deck in collaboration with, the magic website made from Stephane Zanette.

Clip made by our friend Pierre Prospero and yes, you can find in it our french dumber, Ste!

Tom’s Ad on Confusion

08 maggio 2012

Check Confusion issue four, on the backcover you’ll find Tom’s advertise for Carhartt.(and what a nice cover for this issue!)


Huge ollie in brescia as seen in Is.Dumb.Ul video! ph. Alex Irvine

Paul Labadie set a new Soma broadcast called Pair Skating and for the first issue you can see Stephane Zanette skating in double with our good friend Mauro Caruso.

Ale is back!

08 aprile 2012

after the knee surgery ale filmed his first line.
dumb like always..
we miss you man!!

Filippo “Blondie” Bena edited this clip with some Teo’s footy filmed during the past months. Thanks to Blondie and Teo’s style!

Tom Derichs Pro Clip

26 marzo 2012

Our rider and really good friend Tom Derichs got his own dumb board! He’s the first Dumb pro ever and ever and ever and ever and ever


Tomorrow we’re going to celebrate with skateboarding a grill! Totally restructured, same 12 meters wild pleasure!